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Other Low Rankers

In all of the preceding cases, much of their popularity is because they were some of the first MySpace members. In addition to having a long history with the site, their profile numbers have a lot to do with their success. When you create a MySpace profile, you are assigned a unique, sequential user number. If you created a profile today, your user number would be something like 215,854,626. Users such as Tila and ForBiddeN have a profile number less than 100,000 because they were some of the first pages created.

Some advantages of these low-ranking user numbers include placement on other MySpace pages throughout the site. If you view any of their friends’ social networks, you’ll notice that the older the profile, the higher it’s listed. You can also see this when using the MySpace search box to find someone. By default, older profiles are displayed as part of someone’s “Top 8” friends unless the user customizes this area. This gives these profiles great exposure not only on that person’s page but also on the thousands of friend pages that person is part of.

If you are creating a new profile, you don’t have much control over what user number you are given. If you have an old MySpace profile in place, you may want to consider using it for your marketing efforts. If your existing user number is low enough (between 1 and 500,000), you may have noticed that you get many messages and incoming friend requests. This is because your profile typically is viewed many more times than a profile that was created yesterday. Using a low-ranked profile or becoming friends with other low-ranked profiles can help you kick-start your own social network.

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