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Speeding Things Up with Keyboard Shortcuts

Gmail is eminently usable with a mouse, but if you learn the key commands that Google thoughtfully provides, you can use Gmail far faster and more efficiently.

I'm not going to go through all the keyboard shortcuts that Gmail possesses because you can find the complete list at the Gmail Help Center, at http://mail.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?answer=6594. In addition, I highly recommend the printable cheat sheet that you can find at http://r.evhead.com/hodgepodge/gmail-shortcuts.html. It's good.

Table 8.8 lists some of the shortcuts that I use all time, so I recommend them wholeheartedly. In addition, check out the links I just gave you because you are sure to find others that are just as useful.

Table 8.8. Some of My Favorite Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcut


Working with Messages


Compose in current window


Reply (only works in conversation view)


Reply to all (only works in conversation view)


Forward (only works in conversation view)

r ESC a

Change from reply to reply to all (only works in conversation view)

Change a Message or Conversation's Status


Selects current conversation so you can work with it


Star (or unstar) message or conversation


Report spam


Delete message; if in conversation view, deletes and returns to list view


Archive and move to next conversation

Moving Around Gmail's Interface


Move to newer conversation (works in list or conversation view)


Move to older conversation (works in list or conversation view)


Return to list view from conversation view


Return to conversation view from list view




Place your cursor in the search box

g c

Go to Contacts

g i

Go to Inbox


Open More Actions drop-down menu

Remember, these are just a few of the many keyboard shortcuts that you can use. Check out the links I provided at the beginning of this section for more. One final thought: it's not vital that you learn all the shortcuts, as there probably isn't a person alive who has them all memorized. Instead, learn the ones that will be of most use to you.

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