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Using the Spray Brush Tool

adobe-expert.jpg FL 2.2

The Spray Brush tool (New!) allows you to spray particles onto the Stage using the current fill color. If you want to create a more complex pattern, you can also use a movie clip or graphic symbol from the library as a particle. You can adjust the spray pattern by selecting Symbol and Brush options in the Property Inspector. The Symbol options include Scale, Random scaling, Rotate symbol, and Random rotation, while the Brush options include Width, Height, and Brush angle.

Use the Spray Brush Tool

  1. Click the Spray Brush tool on the Tools panel.
  2. Select a fill color for the default spray of dots and other options in the Property Inspector.

    • Color Selector. Select a fill color for the default spray particle.
    • Edit. Select a custom symbol from the library. You can use any movie clip or graphic symbol in the library as the spray particle.
    • Scale. Scale the width and height of a symbol used as a spray particle.
    • Random Scaling. Randomly spray particles on the Stage with different sizes.
    • Rotate Symbol. Rotates the symbol spray particle around a center point.
    • Random Rotation. Randomly rotate spray particles on the Stage.
    • Width and Height. Specifies the brush width and height.
    • Brush Angle. Specifies the spray angle of the particles.
  3. Click or drag on the Stage where you want the pattern to appear.

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