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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Aligning and Distributing Objects

In addition to using grids and guides to align objects to a specific point, you can align a group of objects to each other. The Align panel buttons make it easy to align two or more objects relative to each other or to the page. To evenly align several objects to each other across the document, either horizontally or vertically, select them and then choose a distribution option. Before you select an align command, specify how you want Illustrator to align the objects. You can align the objects in relation to the document or to the selected objects. If you want to align all the objects to another object, you can select and use a key object (New!), before you select an alignment option.

Align or Distribute Objects

  • yellow1.jpg Select the Selection tool on the Tools panel.
  • yellow2.jpg Select two or more objects to align them or select three or more objects to distribute them.
  • yellow3.jpg Select the Align panel or click Align on the Control panel.
  • yellow4.jpg Click the Options menu, and then click Use Preview Bounds. A checked option uses he object’s stroke weight and any applied effects when aligning or distributing.
  • yellow5.jpg If you want to align objects along the edges of the artboard, click the Align To menu on the Align or Control panel, and then click Align to Artboard. Objects are moved on the artboard based on the alignment or distribution command to the closest edge (top and bottom, or left and right).
  • yellow6.jpg If you want to align objects to a key object, click an object to make it the key object (a thick blue outline appears and the Align To Key Object option is selected in the Align and Control panel).
  • yellow7.jpg Use the alignment and distribution buttons on the Align or Control panel.
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