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Installing the X Window System

SuSE Linux packages the latest copy of the X Window System as released by the XFree86 project. Before you rush into installing X, you first should know which type of video graphics card you have and whether it is supported. To find out which card you have, refer to your card's manual for the exact specifications. You should find out which chipset the card uses--for example, whether it is based on the 3Dfx Voodoo chip or the NVidia TNT family of chips. XFree86 has good support for most video graphics cards. You can check the list of cards in Appendix B, "Hardware Compatibility List," to find out whether your card is supported. The following are the minimum required packages.

Package requirements:

Series x:

  • ifnteuro

  • oldlib5

  • oldlibs6

  • xaw3d

  • xdevel

  • xf86

  • xfnt100

  • xfntbig

  • xfntscl

  • xfsetup

  • xpm

  • xshared

Series xsrv: (You should choose the server that matches your card from the following list.)

  • x8514--Server for 8514-based cards.

  • xagx--Server for agx cards.

  • xfbdev--X server for the vesa frame buffer device.

  • xglint--Accelerated server for GLINT/PERMEDIA cards.

  • xi128--Server for Number Nine Imagine 128 graphic cards.

  • xi810--Server for i810-based cards.

  • xmach32--Server for Mach32-based cards.

  • xmach64--Server for Mach64-based cards.

  • xmach8--Server for Mach8-based cards.

  • xmono--X monochrome server.

  • xp9k--Accelerated server for P9000-based cards.

  • xrush--Hardware accelerated 3D X Server for 3Dfx cards.

  • xs3--Server for S3-based cards.

  • xs3v--Server for S3 ViRGE cards.

  • xsis--Alpha quality server for SiS 530 and 620 cards.

  • xsvga--Server for svga cards.

  • xvga16--Server for vga cards (16 colors). You must install this one along with the server for your card.

  • xw32--Server for W32 cards.

When you are finished installing the X Window System, you are ready to start configuring it.

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