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Web, Media, and Consumer Opinion Searches

There are several Web search affiliate programs that you can join to add a Web search service for your customers to use right from your site. Google's affiliate program (see Figure 3.4) (http://www.google.com/affiliates/) provides one of the most advanced Web search technologies on the Net. Google has been ranked first for user satisfaction and loyalty among major search sites according to a recent NPD survey. Your company can earn $.01 for each Google search performed from your site. Go.com (affiliate.go.com/) has a similar Web search affiliate program. There are several types of content boxes to choose from. Each box integrates GO.com's quality content and services to create a powerful and unique online experience for visitors to your site. You earn $.015 per click.

Figure 3.4 With Google's affiliate program, you can place its famous search service on any page of your Web site.

What's a Webcast?

WebCasting is the process of delivering media content—voice, film, video, or animation—on demand over the Internet.

Alta Vista's program (doc.altavista.com/affiliate/) (see Figure 3.5) offers more than just a search service to your site visitors. Not only does it offer normal Web search capabilities right from your site, but your visitors can also search for up to the minute, breaking news from around the world, multimedia images, audio/MP3 and video files, and even stock quotes, stock news, research, and analyst opinion. In addition, your visitors can search local indices or search Web pages in their native language. Alta Vista has two payment programs. A Standard Program that pays $.02 every time a user clicks on its search box or uses any of the other available features from your site, and a Premier Program that pays $.04 per click.

If your e-commerce site deals in music, then one of these affiliate programs could fit well into your site offering. Liquid Audio (http://www.liquid.com/) lets you integrate downloadable music easily into your Web site. It offers a large selection of secure, downloadable songs and provides all page and content hosting, all the tools, services and support for integration, and all customer support. Your visitors can search and browse through its catalog of songs, and your pages can be branded with your store logo. Your company nets about 25% of the retail price of the song.

Figure 3.5 With Alta Vista's affiliate program, you can place its search services on any page of your Web site.

Global Music Network's program (ap.gmn.com/) (see Figure 3.6) not only offers downloadable music, but news headlines plus story extracts from music world, Webcast features that offer the latest in online streaming audio and video with a new Webcast featured every day, and features and photos of popular artists. You're paid $.05 each time someone clicks on a link to Global Music Network from your site.

Another entertainment affiliate program content provider is Boxerjam (http://www.boxerjam.com/affiliate/), a game-show content site. Game show entertainment is hot right now, leading the ratings on TV, and is the number one reason new users are flocking to the Web. Boxerjam provides a game link that launches free games and chances to win thousands of dollars in cash and prizes from your site. One popular game is a puzzle called KnockOut! that offers original, new content each day. With games like Boxerjam on your site, you can increase traffic to your site and keep visitors coming back for more. As an affiliate, your company can earn $0.75 for every person who clicks through to a Boxerjam game or banner on your site, signs up for more fun, or plays a free game show at Boxerjam.

Figure 3.6 If you sell music-related products, Global Music Network's affiliate program would be a good addition to your site.

Another valuable service to offer shoppers at your site is Epinions (http://www.epinions.com/about/) (see Figure 3.7). Its free affiliate program lets you offer your visitors "word-of-mouth" advice that will help them make better buying decisions. You can easily build your own version of Epinions.com by adding Epinions content to your Web site. It can enrich your Web site's community as your users read and write opinions. It's a new program and it is offering affiliate sites an introductory revenue rate of $5 per thousand page views and $1 each time a new user signs up through your site and writes his or her first review.

Figure 3.7 As an Epinions.com affiliate, you can place message boards from consumers on your site discussing the brand name products or services that you sell.


Do consider putting compatible products on your web site—if you're selling only computer hardware, offer free software downloads—and earn money in the process.

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