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Saving Your Stuff

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Saving the Same File with a New Name

Some people save a document by using the same name over and over. Others feel compelled to save a document in drafts. For example, they might save a first go-through as First Draft or DOC01; the second draft, as Second Draft or DOC02; and so on. Doing so is easy:

  • Choose FileSave As.

The Save As dialog box appears, which allows you to resave any document to disk with a new name. Figure 3.3 shows what the Save As dialog box should look like.

Figure 3.3
Saving a document with a new name.
A. Other WordPad documents are listed here.
B. Here is the file as it's already saved on disk.
C. Type the new name here.
D. Highlighted text can be edited.
E. Click here to save with the new name.

If you're following the WordPad tutorial, you'll see the file's current name, Teleportation, in the Save As dialog box.

  • Type a new filename.


You can either type over the original name or edit the text in the File Name text box. For example, to change Chapter 1 into Chapter 1A, press the End key and type the A. Or if you want to change Chapter 1 to Chap1, just use the arrow keys and Delete.

Use the name Beam Me Up.

  • Click Save.

The document is saved to disk under a new name.

Now two documents are on disk: The first is the original draft, Teleportation, and the second is a copy or second draft, Beam Me Up.

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