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Saving Your Stuff

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Saving Your Stuff

Questions Answered and Thoughts Inspired

  • Basic file saving

  • Using the Save As dialog box

  • Saving with a different name

  • Saving files as a different type

  • Making a new folder for your stuff

Some dialog boxes you see all the time when you're using Windows. No, I'm not talking about the error messages. These common dialog boxes are associated with the common things you do in any program: opening documents, printing, saving your stuff, and so on. The most important of the lot is the Save As dialog box, which you should be using all the time to save your stuff. This chapter covers its basic operation.

Hello, Save Dialog Box

Always save your stuff. Well, except for silly stuff, which you don't have to save. Considering that less and less time is available to create silly stuff, however, you probably create useful documents and such with your computer. And you want to keep them. To do that, you need to save.

  • With a computer, saving is a central part of the creative process.

  • You save documents as files on disk. That way, you can access the document later for reviewing, editing, or whatever.

  • You save stuff with the File—Save command.

  • The Ctrl+S key combination usually also saves stuff.

  • Many programs sport a Save button, which you can click to save your stuff.

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