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Drawing Objects

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Drawing Straight Paths

The Pen tool and its associated editing tools give InDesign its real drawing power. Despite the fact that Adobe's Pen tool (Figure 3.15) was developed for the first version of Illustrator, its multi-faceted nature makes it deceptively complex—a challenge for many users.

  1. Choose the Pen tool and click to place anchor points (Figure 3.16).

  2. Continue clicking to add anchor points and extend the path. Do not click and drag, or a curved path will be created.

  3. To create an open path, (Command-click) [Ctrl+click] anywhere in the document to end the path. To create a closed path, move the pointer over the first anchor point—a small circle is added to the Pen pointer . When you click, the path is closed (Figure3.17).


To see the path as you position an anchor point, click with the Pen tool and don't release, and then hold down the spacebar. This enables you to reposition the point you are adding as you draw the path.

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