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Using Type as a Graphic Element

In creating the design of your layout, there are times when you want to use type as a graphical element. Outline type makes each character a compound path, which you can edit using the Direct Selection tool. You also can use these paths as text or graphic frames. After text has been converted to outline type, you cannot edit the text to correct typos or change formatting such as font or style.

If you want to convert the type to a graphic frame:

  1. Type your characters in a single text frame.

  2. Use the Selection tool to select the text frame (Figure 3.54).

  3. Choose TypefiCreate Outlines (Figure 3.55).

  4. You can now use your Direct Selection tool to select anchor points on any character and change the shape of the character (Figure 3.56). Use your Shift key to select multiple anchor points.


You can create an inline graphic out of your type by selecting the characters using the Type tool and then choosing TypeÞCreate Outlines.


If you want to work with each character as an individual graphic, choose ObjectÞ Compound Path→Release. Be aware that this will create individual frames out of the counters (the inside of an a or a d) for any character as well.

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