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Splitting Paths

Splitting a path is as easy as clicking with the Scissors tool. This turns a closed path into an open one or can be used to divide an open path in two. The only exception is that you cannot split a text frame that has content. You must select and remove the text before you can split the frame.

  1. Choose the Scissors tool. The Scissors tool works on any path or frame. You needn't select the path first.

  2. Move the pointer over a path. The pointer crosshairs change to a bull's eye to indicate that the path can be cut (Figure 3.40).

  3. Click, and the path is cut (Figure 3.41). It's difficult to tell when a path has been cut, because the two end points created at the cut are in identical locations.

  4. Drag one of the end points away using the Direct Selection tool (Figure 3.42). The two new end points are now visible and easily selected.

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