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Architecture Similarities

Data access in Exchange 5.5 was MAPI-centric, meaning that the store was primarily optimized for MAPI clients. A similarity between Exchange 5.5 and 2000 is that the store process supports MAPI.

Database files are still used, but they can now be partitioned for flexibility and ease of recovery. The streaming file is a new feature that speeds up performance considerably by keeping objects in their native format while storing only header information in the Exchange Database (EDB) file.

The MTA Stack, X.400 Connector, and Offline Address Book (OAB) have been brought forward into Exchange 2000. With Exchange 2000, a server is still appointed to generate the OAB.

EDB—Exchange Data Base.

An instance of a database implemented in Exchange server. A single EDB is normally identified as being public or private depending on the type of data that it stores. Active Directory negates the need for the directory EDB, as AD now houses all directory information for Exchange.

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