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Configuration of Diagnostic Logging

You'd like to access Exchange 2000's diagnostic logging information.

Diagnostic logging information can be found using the Exchange System Manager (ESM) from the MMC console. Right-click the server for which you want to change the logging settings. To access the user properties from the Exchange System Manager (ESM), right-click the contact object. A pop-up context menu will appear, as shown in Figure 3.42. From this menu, select Properties.

Figure 3.42 If you can't see the administrative groups from the ESM MMC, remember to turn on the display of routing and administrative groups from the action menu.

From the Properties dialog box, select the Diagnostics Logging tab. (See Figure 3.43.) In the Services window, scroll down to the MSExchangeSA item. This item has two categories on which logging can be adjusted. The logging levels for these two categories can be adjusted independently of each other. The levels range from None to Maximum.

Figure 3.43 In this example, the logging is set to maximum. It is a good practice to also check the settings of the Windows NT or Windows 2000 event logs (from Event Viewer).

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