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ADSIEDIT is the tool to use for making modifications to the Active Directory and its schema. ADSI is an acronym for Active Directory Services Interfaces. The ADSI interface can be used by developers to access AD programmatically. ADSIEDIT is comparable in functionality to the Registry editor (REGEDIT). This tool comes with all the warnings that we received when REGEDIT was introduced. In the hands of an experienced, careful administrator, the chances of causing havoc with ADSIEDIT can be minimized. It is still a good idea to heed all the warnings regarding keeping current backups in addition to other safety precautions. It is better to be safe than sorry.

With Exchange 2000, there is no executable, such as Admin.exe from Exchange 5.5, to run in raw mode; and the MMC has no raw mode equivalent. This is the role for the ADSIEDIT tool. It is very useful when you need to view the structure of the configuration naming context entries or make changes to the object/attribute contents. ADSIEDIT can be found in the Windows 2000 Resource Kit.


ADSIEDIT can be used to set the display name as was possible in Exchange 5.5. Using ADSIEDIT, connect to the Configuration Container, expand cn=DisplaySpecifier, and open CN=409(For US English). From here, you can set the optional createDialog property to %<sn>, %<givenName>.

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