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Managing Contacts

Now that contacts are in the Active Directory, the logical progression is toward the management of these contacts. Using the Active Directory Users and Computers interface, contacts can be managed directly. (See Figure 3.39.) Programming interfaces also can be used to manipulate these objects without the use of the MMC snap-in.

Figure 3.39 From the AD Users and Computers MMC snap-in, right-click different objects for context pop-up menus.

To access the user properties, right-click the contact object. A pop-up context menu will appear. From this menu, select Properties. The Properties dialog box has ten tabs to access the various property sheets. Because these property sheets are similar in function to the property sheets for the user and group objects, the focus will be on the property sheets unique to the contact object.

The General property sheet has the user's name and display name. (See Figure 3.40.) The Internet email address is also on this property sheet.

Figure 3.40 The email address in the E-mail field corresponds to the E-mail address found on the Exchange General property sheet.

The Exchange General property sheet is where the user's Alias and E-mail address can be found. (See Figure 3.41.) Message size settings and message restrictions can also be found on this property sheet.

Figure 3.41 The email address can be any of the supported types. It does not have to be an SMTP address.

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