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Creating Contacts

A contact object is a non–security principal Active Directory object that represents a user outside of the organization. A contact will generally have an email address for the purpose of message flow between the local organization and the remote object. A contact is similar in concept to a custom recipient in Exchange Server 5.5.

To create a new Contact object from the AD Users and Computers interface, either select Action, New, Contact from the menu, or right-click the User container to select New, and then Contact from the pop-up context menu. Either method chosen will result in the initialization of the contact creation process. Three dialog boxes will be presented for this process.

The first dialog box of the new-contact creation process contains fields for the user's name. (See Figure 3.22.) The display name will be displayed in the Global Address List (GAL).

Figure 3.22 Displayed at the top of the dialog box, following the text "Create in:", is the container in which this object is to be created.

In the second dialog box of the new-contact creation process, the Alias of the Contact object can be changed. This is the alias that is used for addressing. (See Figure 3.23.)

There might be an instance where an administrator does not want a contact to be mail-enabled. Deselecting the Create an Exchange email address check box will create a contact without an email address.

Figure 3.23 The check box available on this tab allows the administrator to create either a mail-enabled or a mail-disabled contact.

In the third dialog box of the new-contact creation process, the contact information can be verified for the new contact. If the information is not correct, the administrator can click Cancel to stop the creation of the contact. Clicking Finish will create the new contact.

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