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Exchange's Core Components

Exchange's Core Components

In This Chapter

  • Exchange Architecture

  • Addressing with Exchange 2000

  • Active Directory Users and Computers

  • Tools

  • Troubleshooting

Exchange Architecture

Exchange 2000 is a pivotal release that shapes the future direction of Microsoft and third-party products. It's pivotal in the sense that it is the first application designed to be completely integrated with, while fully taking advantage of the power of Windows 2000 Active Directory. Exchange 2000 is an excellent platform for the development of sophisticated collaboration and messaging systems. Architectural changes bring Exchange into the future, growing with the technological requirements of today's fast-paced, Internet-savvy businesses.

Using customer feedback to compile a list of product requirements, three main design goals were assembled to direct the Exchange Server product team in the development of Exchange 2000 Server. This chapter starts with a high-level overview of these design goals, progresses through the details of the new architectural features, and finishes with a couple of the new tools for Exchange 2000.

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