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Finding Songs with MP3 Fiend's Music Charts

If you're looking for a song that's on any of today's music charts and you're either too lazy or too dim to figure out some search terms for it, MP3 Fiend provides live updates of seven of Billboard's top 20 music charts. Use them to see what's hot or to fashion a quick-and-dirty search for any of the songs on the chart.

Begin by clicking Charts on Fiend's main screen. A few seconds of delay occur as MP3 Fiend checks for the latest versions of Billboard's charts. You'll get another screen, similar to the one in Figure 3.8. Click the arrow on the drop-down list that reads The Billboard Hot 20. The list that drops down lets you change the selection to one of six other Billboard lists. Choose one, and the screen displays that chart's list.

Figure 3.8 Billboard Charts on DemandBillboardz. If you want to do a search for any of the songs on any of the charts, double-click any of the titles to generate an effective set of search terms to zero in on MP3s of that song. Press Enter to launch the search and then use the verification process and logs to track down the chart buster.

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