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The Future of Mobile Applications

As mobile Internet devices and Linux-based software platforms proliferate in the mobile computing community, a strong base community needs to be established, along with quality development utilities, to ensure quality applications and frameworks and to prevent any one company or organization from dominating development for mobile platforms. The Moblin project allows for a truly open development community and is necessary for fostering quality software development. The end result is more stable, feature-rich applications for the mobile end user as well as the developer. These possibilities empower the user most significantly when they're incubated in an open source community because it allows for expansive innovation of applications.

Mobile Internet devices often focus their feature sets on multimedia experiences such as mobile audio and video. A truly open source platform such as Moblin offers limitless possibilities and uses for mobile Internet applications for the end user as well as for large enterprises and small businesses. Moblin-based MIDs currently offer a Skype VoIP application for communications, expanding Moblin's feature set as an open communications device. Although MIDs and netbooks are not mobile communications devices per se, they have the ability to perform the same functions as a cellular phone through VoIP applications, and may also support wireless communication platforms in the future.

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