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The Workshop provides quiz questions to help solidify your understanding of the material covered and exercises to give you experience in applying what you've learned. For answers to the quiz questions and exercises, see Appendix B, "Answers to Quizzes and Exercises."


1. What's an application?

2. What are the steps involved when planning a project life cycle?

3. Describe the difference between testing and debugging.


In the FileCopy application that you created today, change the code to move the file rather than copy it.

Quiz Answers

  1. An application consists of many unique programs combined into one larger related package. This package can usually perform several different functions that are all related to one another.

  2. The major steps in a standard life cycle are design, coding, testing, debugging, and documentation.

  3. Testing is the process of detecting errors in your application as they occur; debugging is the process of identifying the cause of an error and correcting it.

Exercise Answer

To change the file copy function to a move file function, you need to add only one Visual Basic statement to the routine. After you successfully copy the file to the destination, you have to delete it from the source directory. To do so, insert the following line of code immediately after the two FileClose statements:

Kill (strFrom_filename)

This statement deletes the file referenced by the variable.

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