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Web applications are becoming more and more important as time goes on, and Web Forms make creating them incredibly easy. They allow you to use the same techniques that you would use to build a desktop application to build a web application that will work in any web browser. By moving the code back to the server (that you can control), you get the best of both worlds that web developers have strived for: a rich user interface and cross-browser capabilities.

While simply re-creating a Windows-like experience would be good enough for most, Web forms go one stage step further, helping you more easily create validation routines and complex controls.

Tomorrow, we will start our examination of Object-oriented programming. We will look at what this frequently used term has to do with Visual Basic.NET, and with programming in general. Hopefully, you will see that we have been looking at objects all along, in the form of the .NET Framework, as well as the Forms and Controls we have been using.

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