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Introduction to DirectX Programming

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Keith Sink gives you an overview of the history of DirectX. He also briefly explores the common uses of DirectX, and discusses DirectX features available for multimedia development.
This pre-publication chapter is from the book DirectX8 and VB.NET Development, by Keith Sink (0672322250).

In This Chapter

  • What Is DirectX?

  • A History

  • Why Visual Basic and DirectX?

  • DirectX Uses

  • The DirectX Components

What Is DirectX?

DirectX is the building block used to create many of the Windows-based video games and multimedia applications we all enjoy today. It is a collection of ActiveX objects that encompass many of the elements used in video game and multimedia development. DirectX provides graphics support for animation, music and sound effects support for game excitement, and multiplayer support for network games. It also contains libraries that access the game devices and gives you the ability to work in 3D graphics. In a nutshell, DirectX is a collection of technologies designed to encapsulate much of multimedia development.

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