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Switching Among Files You've Opened

Often, you'll open many files at once. In Word 2002, by default, each file you open gets its own icon on the Windows taskbar (see Figure 3.28). You can have multiple icons on the taskbar while only one copy of Word is open. To display any open file, click its taskbar icon.

Figure 3.28 Multiple Word 2002 files on the taskbar, with only one copy of Word running.

This behavior, which contrasts with most Windows programs, was introduced in Word 2000. To put it mildly, it did not meet with universal acclaim. In Word 2002, the choice is yours. If you prefer to set aside only one taskbar icon for Word—and to switch amongst files using the Window menu or other traditional techniques—you can have what you want.

To switch back to the classic "multiple document interface," choose Tools, Options, View; clear the Windows in Taskbar check box; and choose OK.

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