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Recovering the Page View You Want to Work With

You're working in Page View and you suddenly find that the formatting has changed dramatically.

Once in a while FrontPage 2002 throws you into a Page view sub-view you don't actually want. If you open a file in Page view and find yourself looking at an uneditable file as if it were in a browser, or even worse, a file filled with HTML coding, don't panic. Nothing evil has entered your machine. Simply check the three tabs at the bottom of the main window of the Page view and make sure that FrontPage is displaying the sub-view you want: Normal view is the WYSIWYG editing view most people work in; HTML view shows you raw HTML code; and Preview lets you see what your document will look like in a browser window. Click the view you want.

Dealing with Hard-to-Read HTML Code

HTML code is confusing and cluttered.

Sometimes you'll find yourself having difficulty reading complex HTML code. To make it easier to read, use the HTML Source section on the Page Options dialog box. Select Page Options from the Tools menu, and then click the HTML Source tab. From here you can choose to preserve existing HTML code exactly as it is, or you can reformat it using the rules you define in the bottom half of the dialog box. Several options are available, including the spacing before and after each HTML tag or container. You can also specify that HTML tags or attributes be all in lowercase, to help you distinguish among them. From the Color Coding tab of the Page Options dialog box, you can carry the HTML source display further by selecting different colors for normal text, HTML tags, the names of attributes, the values of attributes, comments within the code, and scripts. Using all of these features together, you can customize the HTML source display precisely to help you read the code most efficiently.

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