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Creating a Custom Fill Series

You can create a custom fill series by starting a series of dates or numbers and again using the fill handle, but this time hold the right mouse button down while dragging the fill handle. When you let go, the Fill Series menu appears, as shown in Figure 3.9. While right- dragging, Excel changes the mouse symbol back to an arrow. In other words, while right-dragging, you will not see the familiar black cross symbol.

Figure 3.9 Select the fill handle, and right-drag to access the Fill Series menu.

When you select the series from the Fill menu, the Series dialog box appears. The Step Value creates the amount of spacing or increments between numbers. For example, place 3 as the Step Value as shown in Figure 3.10 and the result is a series reflected in Figure 3.11 of 3, 6, 9, 12, and so on.

Figure 3.10 Apply a step value to create increments between numbers.

Figure 3.11 Notice the Step Value applied to the series with increments of 3.

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