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Changing Ordered List Properties

Edit an ordered list's properties when you want to choose a specific order, such as capital letters, lowercase letters, numbers, or roman numerals. When nesting ordered lists to create an outline format, specify a different ordering sequence for each level.

  1. Position the cursor in the list where you want to change the ordering style.

  2. Select TextfiListfiProperties to display the List Properties dialog box.

  3. Figure 5.11 You can specify upper- and lowercase roman numerals and letters, as well as numbers in the Style pull-down menu.

  4. Select Numbered List from the List Type pull-down menu.

  5. Select an ordering format from the Style pull-down menu. The style you select will apply to all list items in the current level.

  6. Figure 5.12


    Remember that indented lists are actually individual ordered lists embedded in the current ordered list.

    When you create a numbered list, the period is automatically inserted after the number and the numbers are aligned on the right so the periods align.

  7. Enter a number value in the Start Count field to start numbering from a number other than 1. If you are changing a lettered list, enter the number that corresponds to the letter in the alphabet. For example, if you want your list to start with the letter K, enter 11 in the Start Count field.

  8. Figure 5.13

  9. Select an ordering format from the New Style pull-down menu for the list item if you want to change the ordering format from the current line forward. This change does not affect line items preceding the current line.

  10. Figure 5.14

  11. Enter a number value in the Reset Count To field to change the numbering order from the current list item forward. Click OK.


You can remove all formatting of ordered lists and unordered lists by clicking the outdent button in the Property inspector until all levels of indent are removed.


Ordered lists and unordered lists can be formatted with Cascading Style Sheets. See Chapter 14, "Working with Cascading Style Sheets," for instructions on how to customize lists.

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