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The Service Order GUI

The service order GUI is very simple; it allows the user to see and update the existing configuration of his service. For our home office user, this is 56Kbps on Link 1 in Figure 1, and for the corporate user it's 5Mbps on Link 2 in Figure 1. Let's now assume our home office user wins the lottery and decides to upgrade her connection by 1Mbps. She runs the service configuration program and sees the GUI shown in Figure 2. This is the allowed view of the service for our newly rich home office user!

Figure 2

Figure 2 Service configuration view.

The current allocated service level is 56Kbps, and three options are available with the portal in Figure 2:

  • Update Profile: Allows the configuration to be changed.
  • Undo: Reverses the most recent configuration change.
  • Exit: Exits the program.

Selecting the Update Profile option sends an order to the Provisioning Server to upgrade the service by 1Mbps, as illustrated in Figure 3. The order is dispatched to the server, and the result is seen in Figure 3.

Figure 3

Figure 3 Service upgrade GUI.

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