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Well boys and girls, ladies and gentleman, there we have it. Our SQLSpyNet database is built, our base tables are developed, and we have implemented the relationships between the tables.

This chapter really has covered a lot of information, and I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't remember it all.

We really touched only briefly on normalization, and I strongly recommend that you pursue this topic to understand the concepts in more depth. It will save you a world of hurt in the future if you have a better understanding of the topic.

Although we have a basic structure for our SQLSpyNet application, there is room for improvement. A database is not static; it changes as it is developed and as requirements and business rules become clearer. This will happen to our application as well. I do not profess to be perfect, and a good design is one that we can adapt as our needs change.

Having said this though, always try to have a good foundation to work from. If the foundations are well laid, the building will stand strong in all sorts of conditions.

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