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  1. How many channels does a CMYK image have?

    1. None; only RGB images have separate color channels.
    2. Two—one for the CMYK data and one containing RGB data, in case you want to convert the image to RGB mode.
    3. Four—one each for cyan, magenta, yellow, and black.
    4. Hundreds or even thousands, if it contains a lot of alpha channels.
  2. True or false: The Burn tool lightens the image where it’s applied, and the Dodge tool darkens the image.
  3. Which of the following is not a kind of adjustment layer you can create?

    1. Vibrance
    2. Shadows/Highlights
    3. Curves
    4. Photo Filter


  1. C or D. All CMYK images start out with four channels, but you can add as many alpha channels as you want.
  2. False. The tools work the other way around; the Dodge tool lightens the image and the Burn tool darkens it. Use the Dodge tool to lighten shadows on people’s faces; use the Burn tool to bring out underexposed details.
  3. B. It’s in the Adjustments submenu of the Image menu, but it’s not available as an adjustments layer.


Download some of the photos in this book from the publisher’s website. Then see how much further you can go. Turn a cloudy day into a sunny one and then reverse the change. Experiment with all the different adjustment layer types. Try out some of the presets, and then see whether you can duplicate your efforts manually.

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