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Second Life—Getting Started

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How do you get started in playing Second Life? Here are a few steps you can take. Have fun!

  1. Go to http://www.secondlife.com. On the site, you are asked for your Second Life name (mine is SOAndy). You also enter in some real facts about you, such as your email address.
  2. Create your avatar. What is an avatar? It is a character that represents you. Some people have one made that looks like them, and some people make them look very different.
  3. Fill in more real-life information in the next form. You can enter your credit card here to spend real money, as well. I did this to get started but you don’t have to enter it if you don’t feel comfortable.
  4. The next step is to download and install Second Life, and then save and run it.
  5. Sign in with your Second Life name and password.
  6. After you on in a metaverse, you see other avatars and an Orientation Island. I encourage you to go through orientation.

Here are some other useful tips for Second Life:

  • Walk using your up and down arrow keys and turn using the right and left arrow keys. It is a bit awkward but you can get it after a while.
  • There is help along the way, and make sure you practice flying, chatting, and trying on clothes.
  • You can teleport to other locations, such as the SOA Island, just to explore.
  • Just remember: Second Life does have a code of conduct. Treat it as a new country.
  • Learn and observe the customs. It’s the Internet, so beware and be broad minded.

Have a great time checking out the metaverse!

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