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Example 11

A laser printer toner cartridge containing 25 percent recycled raw materials and 40 percent reconditioned parts is labeled “65 percent recycled content; 40 percent from reconditioned parts.” This claim is not deceptive.

Example 12

A store sells both new and used sporting goods. One of the items for sale in the store is a baseball helmet that, although used, is no different in appearance than a brand new item. The helmet bears an unqualified “Recycled” label. This claim is deceptive because, unless evidence shows otherwise, consumers could reasonably believe that the helmet is made of recycled raw materials; however, it is actually a used item. An acceptable claim bears a disclosure clearly stating that the helmet is used.

Example 13

A manufacturer of home electronics labels its video cassette recorders (VCRs) as “40 percent recycled.” In fact, each VCR contains 40 percent reconditioned parts. This claim is deceptive because consumers are unlikely to know that the VCR’s recycled content consists of reconditioned parts.

Example 14

A dealer of used automotive parts recovers a serviceable engine from a vehicle that has been totaled. Without repairing, rebuilding, remanufacturing, or in any way altering the engine or its components, the dealer attaches a “Recycled” label to the engine and offers it for resale in its used auto parts store. In this situation, an unqualified recycled content claim is not likely to be deceptive because consumers are likely to understand that the engine is used and has not undergone any rebuilding.

Example 15

An automobile parts dealer purchases a transmission that has been recovered from a junked vehicle. Eighty-five percent by weight of the transmission was rebuilt, and 15 percent constitutes new materials. After rebuilding the transmission in accordance with industry practices, the dealer packages it for resale in a box labeled “Rebuilt Transmission,” “Rebuilt Transmission (85percent recycled content from rebuilt parts),” or “Recycled Transmission (85 percent recycled content from rebuilt parts).” These claims are not likely to be deceptive.

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