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Your personal brand value can be managed just as you manage a brand of a product or service. Brand value is all based on image or perception, an end-to-end experience, trust and a promise of consistent value, and an emotional connection and relationship. The great thing here is that you control your own destiny. After you have a loyal customer, a person will leave only if you fail to deliver on your promise, if you don’t adapt to change, or if someone else is more recommended than you are. These are all things that you can control. You can control your own destiny.

Brand really is about fact and emotion. It’s about what you deliver and the emotional attributes associated with it. This emotional quotient increases as the world becomes more visual, more digital, and more connected. The ability of your personal brand to evoke a strong, positive feeling is a key element of your brand’s equity.

Determine your brand’s emphasis or your promise. Determine how to generate excitement in getting your personal brand out there. Focus on forming lifetime relationships one at a time. Always ask: Is what I am doing right now consistent with my brand? Never forget that every brand experience is a nonneutral transaction!

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