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So, how is marketing driving leads and revenue with this strategy? It does it by reinforcing the Fanatical Support message all the time through customers.

The Word-of-Mouth Agenda at Rackspace

With Rackspace, its brand is about the customer’s trust. Kleber tells me that his customer satisfaction for Rackspace remains high in the industry. As you can see in Figure o1.2, there is a direct link between employee engagement and customer engagement, resulting in customer satisfaction. So it should come as no surprise that the number one way Rackspace gets leads is that someone refers the customer to Rackspace. Kleber estimates that between 30 percent and 60 percent of his leads come in from these references. As he explains, “So what we tried to do is take that sort of referral mindset our customers have and leverage that in the market to acquire new customers. One of the most amazing things about this company is the loyalty and enthusiasm in its install base.”

Figure 2

Figure o1.2 Customer satisfaction at Rackspace.

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