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Watching Recorded Movies

Once you’ve recorded your first movie, how do you watch it? To find your recorded movies, open the Recorded TV menu. The recordings of your movies are listed alongside TV and sports recordings. To play your movie, select it, and select Play from the Program Info menu (Figure 5.18).

Figure 5.18

Figure 5.18 After selecting a movie from the Recorded TV menu, click Play.

Depending on the aspect ratio used by your movie and your display, you might need to adjust the aspect ratio used for playback.


For more information about adjusting zoom settings for the best-quality playback, see “Selecting Zoom Settings,” this chapter, p. 156.

Resuming or Restarting Movie Playback

Don’t have time to finish your movie? Press Stop on your remote or select Stop with your mouse. When you return to your movie, you will see two new options: Resume and Restart. Select Resume to play the movie where you stopped it and Restart to start it from the beginning (Figure 5.19).

Figure 5.19

Figure 5.19 Preparing to resume playback of a recorded movie.


For more information about Keep Until options, see “Recording Defaults,” Chapter 4, “Viewing and Recording Live TV,” p. 113.

Saying “Goodbye” to Your Recording

You can delete a recording whenever you want. To delete a recording, select Delete from the Program Info menu. The disk space occupied by the recording is freed up, so you have room for new movie recordings.

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