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Using the Search Tool

The Movies Guide is the perfect way to browse for movies, but if you’re looking for a particular title, a particular actor, or a particular director, you’ll spend a lot of time scrolling through listings. Save yourself time and frustration by leaving the Movies Guide and going to the Search tool.

You can search by Title, Keyword, Categories, Movie Actor, or Movie Director.

Select the search and then enter the search term(s) using either your remote control or a keyboard. To save time, names that match the letters entered show up in the middle of the screen (Figure 5.10).

Figure 5.10

Figure 5.10 Searching for classic movie swashbuckler Errol Flynn.

When you see a match, highlight it, and click OK on your remote to see matching movies or TV shows (Figure 5.11).

Figure 5.11

Figure 5.11 Using Search to track down movies featuring Errol Flynn.

Keep in mind that searching by title can be tricky in a couple of ways. Although only one actor or actress can use a particular name (others with the same given name must use a different stage or onscreen name), there are no restrictions on movie or TV show titles. Search for a title like Notorious, for example, and you might see the title listed with “More” instead of a broadcast date. “More” indicates that there are multiple TV show episodes and/or movies with the same title. Click More to display the episodes or movies to choose from (Figure 5.12). Make sure you select the show or movie you want.

Figure 5.12

Figure 5.12 Select the exact TV show episode or movie you want to record when WMC indicates there is more than one episode or movie with a matching title.

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