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Answers to Exam Prep Questions

  1. Answer E is correct because all the choices are valid considerations.
  2. The right answer is D, out-of-band (OOB). A design goal for a secure network is to try to separate management traffic from the production networks wherever possible. Answer A is the opposite. The other answers are incorrect because they are not used in this context.
  3. False. This is a bit of a trick question. Yes, there are some known vulnerabilities with synchronizing clocks with external time sources, but these are outweighed by the advantage of having all network devices’ clocks synchronized to a single time source.
  4. The logging levels are the following:
    • Debugging:
    • Alerts:
    • Emergencies:
    • Notifications:
    • Critical:
    • Informational:
    • Warnings:
    • 7
    • 1
    • 0
    • 5
    • 2
    • 6
    • 4
  5. The correct answer is B. The other choices, although they look vaguely correct, do not represent real choices.
  6. The correct answers are: 1—C; 2—A; 3—B. MIB stands for Management Information Base and resides on an agent. The information in this database can be queried (get) or configured (set) by a Network Management System (NMS).
  7. False. SNTP stands for Simple Network Time Protocol and is considered less secure than NTP. NTPv3, on the other hand, is more secure because it implements cryptography and authentication between NTP peers.
  8. Answer E is correct. The complete list is as follows:

    • Disable unnecessary services and interfaces.
    • Disable commonly configured management services.
    • Ensure path integrity.
    • Disable probes and scans.
    • Ensure terminal access security.
    • Disable gratuitous and proxy ARP.
    • Disable IP directed broadcasts.
  9. Answer D is correct. The other choices are made up and don’t appear in any context with Cisco network security.
  10. False. SNMPv3 is not part of the Cisco SDM Security Audit Wizard.
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