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Digital Picture Frames and Signage

Digital picture frames aren't just for the Bill Gates types of the world. You can find reasonably priced digital photo frames to display your favorite family or company photos from your computers. (Figure 5 shows a Kodak EasyShare digital photo frame.)

Figure 5

Figure 5 Kodak EasyShare Wireless Digital Picture Frame (EX1011).

Since most digital photo frames are wireless, they can go anywhere—in the hallway, the living room or lobby, or the office. In your home, you can share your memories with family. In the business world, you can add a personal touch to your office and relate your business image, or provide product and company presentations with digital signage solutions.

In addition to images, many digital picture frames can play videos and music, all controlled with touchscreen movements or side buttons. Along with being able to access media from the computers on your network, many digital photo frames have built-in slots to insert SD, USB, and other drives. Plus, since it's connected to the Internet, a device of this type allows you to browses photos on websites such as the Kodak Gallery and Flickr. You may even be able to order prints directly from the frame and catch the latest weather, sports, and news reports.

You can usually find digital photo frames, 5 to 10 inches in size, anywhere from $80 to $250. Here are several frames you may want to look into getting:

If you're looking for much larger photo frames (greater than 19 inches), you'll probably spend $500 or more. The PhotoVu digital picture frames and digital signage, along with the Bigeframe digital frames, are a few examples.

Stay tuned! In part 2 of this series, you'll discover more ways to share on your network.

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