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Customizing a Form with Themes

Like Keynote with its styles, Bento lets you apply visual themes to your forms. These coordinated appearances combine a selection of colors and fonts in various styles. With a form selected, you can change its theme by choosing Format > Theme. Unlike Keynote, Bento does not allow you to change the details of the themes. However, because of the large number of provided themes, you are likely to find themes that you like.

A Bento theme is totally separate from your data. That means you can switch themes at any time without affecting your data. The various templates use a variety of themes, but you can change them at will.

If you want to be sophisticated about your Bento themes, you can select several of them to use for specific purposes, such as displaying confidential data from work, displaying social data, and the like.

Themes are applied to the active form; when you next go to a table view, that theme is applied to the table. If you then go to a form in the library that uses a different theme, that other theme is applied to the table view when you navigate from the second form to the table view.

With Bento 2, there are more than two dozen themes available. You can select a theme from Forms > Choose Theme. The first item in the submenu is Theme Chooser. It lets you select a theme and try it out. The Bento window behind the Theme Chooser dialog is visible using the new theme.

Some examples of Bento themes are shown in Figure 3.6.

Figure 3.6

Figure 3.6 Bento has a variety of themes.

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