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This distribution is the closest to “ready for unsupported Windows power user” of any Linux desktop distro I've seen so far. That's probably the nicest thing I've ever said about a Linux distribution. However, it’s still got some rough edges.

Screensavers (which have to be turned off in order to keep power consumption reasonable when the computer is otherwise idle) are self-evidently a bad idea at a time of increasing energy costs.

Also, no Linux distro should ever require command-line work in order to make it run, which some users will have to do

This is why I do not recommend that Windows users convert their systems to Linux without someone available who can provide hands-on help if something goes really wrong.

On the other hand, even the average Windows user generally has to find somebody who knows more than she does when things really go wrong, the difference being that at this point, finding Windows expertise within one’s personal network is usually a lot easier.

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