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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Key Points

  • In this book we assume that the database has already been built and you just need to learn how to use it. By analogy, this book shows you how to drive a car without trying to show you how to build one.
  • Databases are used in many businesses and SQL is used in many software products, so the skills you learn will help you in many different situations.
  • Tables are the main construct of a database. All data is kept in tables. Also any data that is given to you will be given in the form of a table. Tables have columns and rows. Usually there are many more rows than columns.
  • Most tables have a primary key. This gives a name to each row of the table and prevents the table from having any two rows that are identical.
  • There are a few differences between Oracle and Access, but there are many more similarities.
  • Oracle is mostly used in businesses with large databases. Hundreds of people may be using the database at the same time. The database can help coordinate all the people in a business and keep them working together.
  • Access is mostly used by individuals with small personal databases. Usually only one person is using the database at any given time. Access is also used in some business situations.
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