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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Selecting a Time Capsule Drive

Time Capsule is a hybrid product. It combines an Apple Extreme Base Station, for wireless networking, with a built-in hard drive. You can use Time Capsule to back up files on your Macs running Leopard, and then restore files with Time Machine. This task shows you how to configure Time Machine with the Time Capsule’s hard drive.

  • circle_1.gif Open Time Machine from the Dock. If this is the first time it is opening, click the Set Up Time Machine button. The Time Machine system preferences window opens.
  • circle_2.gif Click the Choose Backup Disk button in the Time Machine window. A list of available drives appears.
  • circle_3.gif Select the Time Capsule device. Click the Use for Backup button.
  • circle_4.gif Type the password and press Return to add the Time Capsule drive to Time Machine.
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