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We have now looked at the economic issues related to changing careers. Based on these money-related questions and the questions asked in the previous articles, you should have a clearer picture of your career goal.

What have you been thinking? Write it down in your Word doc. To repeat myself, as you look over your responses, can you afford to make the career change you are considering?

Are you totally frustrated after reading all these money-related questions? Don't be. Everyone has to struggle with them. I have had to and I am still going. Take the issues one at a time and build a solid strategy that you are comfortable with.

I hope many of you will continue to read along and share your thoughts and ideas with me through email atwyrostekw@msn.com, at www.3WsCertification.com, and also through the comments sections provided by InformIT at the end of each article. I will gladly respond.

Come back next time to look at the fifth question—we'll look at experience and knowledge. Article 6 is What do You Know How to Do? (Knowledge and Experience!)

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