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To help you make your list, allow me to offer some examples of what I like to do:

  • I love to drive because I am not restricted by the airlines. I am free on the road. When I was growing up I dreamed of being a truck driver, which made my parents bless themselves. But I grew out of that for a profession—but not as something I love to do.
  • I love to write and compose. I love to write articles, books, and music. They are difficult tasks for me, but I love the process. I love what they bring to others. They are a mode of communication for me.
  • I love to do public speaking and performing. The opportunity to communicate with a group of people and have those aha! moments is a real kick for me In the same way, I love to tell stories.
  • I love to take care of people (do patient care). I get a real thrill making things better for someone else.
  • Early in my career, I found I liked organizing spaces. One of my early jobs was at a major medical college in NYC, and one of my jobs was organizing the spaces to house all the volatile chemicals according to city, state, and federal standards. I really liked making sense out of nonsense.
  • In IT, I love working on directories and directory services, as well as troubleshooting them. Why? Because when a directory works, the users are happy, and the admins are happy.
  • In life in general, I like to have balance between working with others and working independently. I can't have one without the other. I used to think I could, but I have recently learned that I can't. I can't stand to work alone 100 percent of the time, nor can I stand to work in a nonstop, don't-think environment in which everyone talks and no one listens.  

So how could I use what I like to do to make a living, to establish a career? To land a job in IT? What does this list tell me about career options?

For everyone the responses will be different. For me, up to this point in my life what I like to do has allowed me to work as an independent IT instructor and consultant, as well as a writer and editor. I can work with others, yet work independently. I can have those aha! moments and still make a living.

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