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Gaming on the XO

The XO is built for kids, so it has a few games. These games are educational in nature, however, and so really not too enjoyable for anyone over 12. Fortunately, there is a huge following for the XO online, resulting in some options being available for the XO gamer. In fact, it's so easy to install games on the OLPC that for many games you only need to visit a couple of websites and click on a link.

A few popular choices:

su -l 
yum install xboard
wget -P/usr/bin http://freechess.org/Download/timeseal_x86
chmod +x /usr/bin/timeseal_x86

For the entire list of games:

As you can see, there's a whole world of opportunities for gamers out there. So if you ever do get bored with hacking challenges, you can always load up Doom and frag some zombies.

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