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6.13 Process Manager

One of the Routing Slip solutions involves a single routing component that determines the next component to which a message must be sent and receives the message back once the component is finished with it. This central routing component directs flow of messages using routing logic it embeds. Since it always receives messages that are processed by the processing components, it can modify the route a message is to take based on the outcome of processing by a particular component. Thus, the route the message finally takes may be different from the route a fixed router, which does not use intermediate processing results for routing decisions, would have determined.

Process Manager is a component that implements conditional routing logic and orchestrates execution of other processing components. Java CAPS supports implementation of the Process Manager, with functionality as described in the opening paragraph, as a Java Collaboration using JMS, possibly in Request/Reply mode, to dispatch and receive messages to and from processing components. The disadvantage of this approach is that the routing logic is hidden away in the Java code and, depending on the size and complexity of logic involved, may be difficult to understand.

Java CAPS eInsight Business Process Manager provides a graphical Business Process modeling environment. It overcomes the understandability limitations of a Java-only implementation and offers a number of features for Business Process modeling, component orchestration, and runtime monitoring that are not available with Java-only implementations.

Using eInsight Business Process Manager, you can implement any desired routing and component orchestration solutions. eInsight examples appear in most sections of this book and illustrate all manner of solutions of varying complexity. When a dynamic routing or component orchestration is required, eInsight Business Process can be developed to satisfy the requirement.

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