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Creating a New Document

To create graphics in Expression Design, you must first create a document. Every document contains a frame, also referred to as the “artboard,” which determines the visible output area for your artwork. You can control the size of the document frame by entering specific width and height dimensions in the New Document dialog box. After the document is created, a black outline is displayed to indicate the position of the artboard. All the artwork that you intend to export or print should be placed within this area.

Choose the New Document Command

  • blue01.jpg Under the File menu, choose New.
  • blue02.jpg In the New Document dialog box that appears, choose a preset document size from the Presets list, or enter specific width and height values in the fields provided. Choose the preferred measurement units from the list provided. This also determines what units will appear in the document rulers.
  • blue03.jpg If necesssary, change the resolution value from the default setting (96 ppi, which is the standard for onscreen display). Web graphics are generally saved at 72 ppi, and print graphics at a minimum of 220 ppi.
  • blue04.jpg It is not necessary to name the file when setting it up in the New Document dialog box, but the option is there if you’d like to. You can always name the file later when saving it.
  • blue05.jpg Click OK to create the new document.
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