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Changing the Artboard Size

If you’d like to resize the artboard without resizing your artwork, you can do so using the controls available in the Artboard Size dialog box. This allows you to extend your canvas and increase the output area or reduce it to crop away portions of your art.

Use the Artboard Size Dialog Box

  • blue01.jpg Under the File menu, choose Artboard Size.
  • blue02.jpg Enter new width and height values in the fields provided. If necessary, you can select a different measurement unit from the list provided. Doing so also changes the units displayed in the document rulers after the dialog box is closed.

    If you prefer, check the Relative option and enter the exact amount you would like to add to (or subtract from) the width and height of the artboard. Use negative values to subtract.

  • blue03.jpg Click any of the arrows in the Anchor grid to control which sides of the artboard will be added to or subtracted from. To add or subtract evenly from the center, leave the anchor point at its default setting.
  • blue04.jpg Click OK to change the artboard size.
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