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Saving a Document

As you work in Expression Design, you should periodically save your documents. Doing so allows you to preserve the work you’ve done and return to it later, even after you’ve closed the file. There’s nothing worse than losing hours of hard work due to a power surge or unexpected system shutdown. Therefore, in addition to saving, you might also want to consider investing in a battery backup for your workstation.

Choose the Save Command

  • blue01.jpg Under the File menu, choose Save.

    The Save command is only available when updating pre-existing documents—not when saving for the first time, which requires the use of Save As.

    You should also use Save As to avoid overwriting an original document that you’ve applied changes to. Doing so creates a copy of the document and allows you to change its name and system location.

Choose the Save As Command

  • blue01.jpg Under the File menu, choose Save As.
  • blue02.jpg Enter a name for the document in the File Name field of the Save As dialog box.
  • blue03.jpg Choose a system location and click Save.
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