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Form Assistant

The Form Assistant is ubiquitous throughout the application and can always be found on the right side of any form you're working with. If you open a new Contact, you'll see it on the right side of the form (see Figure 7.40). Note that your data will likely differ from the information displayed in Figure 7.40, as it will be applicable to your organization.

Figure 7.40

Figure 7.40 Contact form with the Form Assistant expanded.

If you don't see the Form Assistant, it might be collapsed (see Figure 7.41). You can expand it either by selecting the left arrow in the upper-right corner of the form or by pressing Ctrl+Shift+F. This is a very helpful resource and can aid in quick entry of data that requires lookup fields.

Figure 7.41

Figure 7.41 Contact form with the Form Assistant collapsed.

The Form Assistant has the capability to select an entry for virtually every field on the page that has a lookup field associated with it, without having to open the lookup pop-up window. Additionally, it enables you to populate all lookup fields on a page without having to tab to each. Finally, it has the same search functionality built in and can quickly locate records when searched.

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