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The Notes field enables you to enter notes about the Entity free form. Generally, if you have standardized data about an Entity (for example, favorite restaurant) and you want to record similar information across the Entities (such as for all Accounts or Contacts), it is a better idea to add a new field to the Entity interface via customization rather then enter the data here. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, there is no built-in ability to query on the Notes field. While you can do it by going to the database level or utilizing a third-party tool, there is no functionality from Microsoft Dynamics CRM to search Notes fields. Second, it is usually a much better idea to standardize the entry (via a drop-down box of restaurants, for example) and have a common location that you can control entry to.

To enter a note, navigate to the Notes tab (generally, the last tab) on the main Information tab, and select Click Here to Add a New Note. By default, the title of the note is Note Created on <date/time> by <user>. To change the title, save the Note either by selecting Save from the top menu options or by merely clicking somewhere else on the form (this automatically saves any entered date); then double-click the Note icon to open the Note form, where you can make changes to the title of the Note as well as the Note contents.

Additional Notes considerations are the capability to easily see when a note was entered and by whom, as well as when a note was edited and by whom (see Figure 7.21).

Figure 7.21

Figure 7.21 Account Notes entry screen.

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